How Speedy Chris Opie Starts His Day

a photo of chris opie in cycle race

Routines and rituals: how Speedy Opie starts his day.

Before getting out on the road in the mornings I always eat a good breakfast. Porridge and an omelette is my favourite because it is quick, easy and provides good nutrition ahead of a tough day on the bike. If have a long race or a hard training ride, I usually have between 150 -200 grams of organic porridge oats and 4 eggs. This combination gives me plenty of carbs and protein.

The night before a ride, a part of my routine which I have been doing religiously for years is to lie all of my kit out in the order I will be putting it on. That way I know I will be perfectly prepared for the next day and I will hit the road at 9am sharp.

Out on the bike I make sure I take a few spares including tubes, a pump, a multi-tool and some money, all the basics really. If I am out on a structured training ride, I don’t like stopping. There is a time and a place for café rides, but if I am training properly I like to be as consistent as possible. I try and take all the food and drink I will need for the whole ride. This is easier in winter when you don’t sweat quite as much, so you don’t usually require as much fluid.

When I get home I immediately eat some sort of high GI carbohydrate snack, such as a couple of slices of white bread with banana and a healthy amount of honey. It is important to get the high GI carbs in as soon as possible, in order to take advantage of the optimum recovery window. I will also have a shake containing 30 grams of whey protein. Within a couple of hours I will then have a proper meal.

That’s a small snippet of my routine. I am looking forward to sharing a lot more!

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